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CarOnline.Guru specializes in solutions to improve and enhance the interaction between car owners and their cars. The solutions are based on the latest technologies which include GPS, sensors, wireless communications, big data and analytics.

The solutions are applicable to one or more cars. These solutions enhance driving safety and pleasure, pre warn car owners of impending technical problems to avoid surprises, improve car usage efficiency, improve driving skills and more.

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Driving Diary

Vehicle driving details with route and alerts.

Anti theft alarm

Driving safety & thefts alerts with time & date.

Safety Alerts

Driving safety alerts with time & date.

Summary Report

Travel and alerts details summary.

Vehicle Health Check

Current status of major systems in car.

Petrol Consumption

Fuel consumption records.


Travelling details with fuel consumption.

Maintenance Alert

Vehicle Maintenance Alerts according to Predefined Settings.

Driving Behaviour Analysis

Analyse driver's driving behaviour.

Real time location, speed & route

Current Location With History Records.


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Does my car have OBDll?

All vehicles produced after 1997 are required to have OBDll system. To verify, you can look for the word “OBDll” on the emission control information label attached to the underside of the vehicle hood.

Will the OBDll dongle affects the engine and battery of my car?

The dongle only reads data from the engine and do not writes any data to the engine’s computer. So it does not affect the engine’s computer. The OBDll dongle only consumes about 70 mA in active mode and less than 10 mA in sleeping mode. So, it will not drain your car’s battery.

Where is the OBDll connector in my car?

In order to be OBDll compliant, the OBDll port of the vehicle must be located within 18 inches of the steering wheel. Normally, it is located between the steering wheel and the pedals. You can also look for the location of the OBD port in the Car Owner’s manual.

Can I use CarOnline. Guru in more than one vehicle?

CarOnline.Guru can be easily swapped between cars! Simply unplug it from one car and plug it into another car. What you have to do next is to update the mileage and maintenance interval.


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Vehicle checkup

Vehicle checkup


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